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8 Billion Angels

independent documentary on global overpopulation


independent documentary on renowned architect Rem Koolhaas

The History of Porcelain

2 episodes in 12 part series on the origin and trading of porcelain

Flipping Out

Season 2 of reality TV series on house flipper Jeff Lewis

Hollywood Home Movies

2 hr documentary on the history of Hollywood told through the home movies of the stars - directed by Morgan Neville 

The Lion of Judah: David Ben-Gurion

documentary for on the founder of modern Israel

Silvio Berlusconi

documentary on disgraced Italian politician

Shania Twain 

documentary on country singer's tragic childhood and success

The Ten Commandments Remembered

6 part documentary on Cecil B. DeMille’s epic film

JRR Tolkien, Creator of Middle Earth

documentary on the author of legendary Ring trilogy

From Book to Script

documentary for “The Lord of the Rings” DVD

Tweaked, Geeked & Freaked

documentary on touring with the band The Crystal Method

Down There

a humorous journey into the world of vaginal redesign

How To Rock A Party

lesson on how to 'scratch' DJ Z-Trip for “Scratch” DVD

Bloodletting: Life, Death, Healthcare

independent documentary feature

Inside the Criminal Mind

3 part doc for “Criminal Minds” DVD

Real Life Private Investigators

pilot for doc reality series on private eyes

It Takes Two

documentary on the elusive search for the perfect partner

The World At Your Table: Mexico

home show on the cuisine of Mexico

The Hidden Art of Costume Design

pilot episode for Hollywood 101 TV series

Studio Style Wars

the fashions of the studio era explored - Hollywood Fashion Machine 

Hitchcock and the Fashion of Fear

doc on how the Master of Suspense dressed the Hitchcock Blonde

Forever Hollywood

Assistant editor on documentary for the American Cinematheque

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