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a little bit about me

The truth is not just stranger than fiction, but often more compelling.

It can also be more dramatic, terrifying or inspiring. For this very reason, documentaries have been my calling for the past 20 years - whether I’m editing, directing, or reviewing them. Documentaries allow you to to deepen your understanding of issues, whether controversial, vital, or unusual - but never trivial.

I was born in Africa from Italian parents. After a colorful and exotic childhood in the Middle East, I attended high school in the Netherlands and the U.K., and went on to study Economics at Cambridge University. After a career in finance in London, New York and Hong Kong, I decided to pursue my love of filmmaking.

I studied at the American Film Institute in L.A., where I earned an an MFA in Editing.
My credits range from independent documentaries to TV series which have aired on A&E, AMC, the Biography Channel, the History Channel and Bravo. The roster of directors I have edited for include World of Wonder’s Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato, Oscar-nominated producer Stuart Sender, and Academy Award-winner Morgan Neville.

Besides English, I speak Italian, French and Spanish fluently, and have edited films in those languages. I am a Contributing Editor for Documentary, the magazine of the International Documentary Association. 

I have over two decades of experience as a documentary editor and have directed two documentaries. Trust me with your footage and I will craft an engaging and compelling story.

My aim is to bring your vision to the screen.
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